How to shoot 3D fish online to get the latest cash rewards in 2024

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Bahtbet88 How to shoot 3D fish online to get the latest cash rewards in 2024

Shooting fish is great, guys. If you ask where to play 3D fish shooting game, today Bahtbet88 will introduce to you a very attractive and easy to make money game. Those who want to play fish shooting and make money can try playing the fish shooting game with beautiful 3D images that players can exchange for real money.
Of course, this game can be played on both Android as well as IOS.
What is zui fish shooting online 3d HD?
The reason this game is a fish shooting game is also called angelfish hunting because the biggest fish and also the boss is the angelfish as shown in the picture.
Regarding image and sound quality, it is standard, all are sharp 3D images, HD image quality. You will feel every movement combined with sound, every movement in the game is very realistic and vivid
The interesting thing is that this zui fish shooting game is a money game. And released by Bahtbet88
How to shoot zui fish and get prizes?
Things to know:
Types of fish in the game
Types of guns
Types of bonus points and gifts
Instructions for registering to play
When logging into your member account, select the fish shooting category
Next, the system will ask to transfer points to play. Remember to deposit money first to play, 1 point is equivalent to 1000 thousand. Next click on the zui fish shooting game and follow the instructions in the video below.
Types of fish in angelfish shooting
Common types of fish
The picture below is an image of the types of fish commonly found in the game. The ratio is the percentage of bonus points you will get when you shoot down a fish, depending on what gun you use. For example, when gun 10 shoots down the shark king, the points earned are 500×10=5000 points.
Mermaids are the most difficult fish to shoot in the game, but their rewards are also extremely huge, up to hundreds of millions
How to make money in zui fish shooting
Necessary skills you need to equip
Understand the fish reward rates
Shooting is very simple but requires mastery
Grasp some tips to kill fish as quickly as possible
This is a game where you need to deposit money first to buy a certain number of points, which are converted into bullets to shoot down fish.
For those who have experience playing some regular games, there will be nothing to be surprised about or how to operate properly. However, to make money, you also have to put in effort or need some experience to be able to make money.

Making money from this game is not difficult, you can refer to the strategy below.

Strategies to make money in zui fish shooting game
In the zui fish shooting game there are two types. Automatic machine gun fire and manual fire (controlled by myself).
Sniper tactics
If you are just starting out and have little capital (don’t understand the game or how to play), you should choose sniper. You just sit down and shoot 1 shot at a time.
Advantages: This method is very safe, you can manage your capital. Aim at fish that are easy to eat (clownfish, flying fish, and discus fish), fish that shoot 1 or 2 times and die. Make sure you will make money in a diligent way
Disadvantages: Long, requires patience, shoots few fish
Tactical automatic fire
Automatic shooting means you just need to set the automatic mode, the gun will fire bullets non-stop. This method applies when you have a lot of capital or points, used to hunt schools of fish and large fish. Because big fish are difficult to kill but are fish with many points, shooting takes a long time to kill, so using the rapid fire method will kill you quickly
Advantages: can shoot a lot of fish, leisurely – Disadvantages: large capital, easy to burn account
Shooting tips to win a lot of money
You should pay attention to big fish. The big fish is the type that has a very high chance of being hunted, for example, if you hunt a whale, the chance of being caught is 60. If you kill 100 with a gun, the number of points you can eat will be 100×60= 6000 points which you can exchange for 6. million dong
Another thing is that in the game, scoring is calculated for the last bullet that kills the fish. For example, if you shoot 10 bullets and almost run out of health, use 100 bullets to finally kill a fish, then count it as 100 bullets.
Admins often use the shooting and gun exchange method. When you see a big fish swimming out. Admin will use gun 1 (1 point) to shoot the whale. When you’re almost out of health, use 100 ammo to take it down. Normally, I only use up 300 points to get 6000 points. The words are so terrible
Sounds interesting, right? So try making money right away and visit Bahtbet88 to register to play fish shooting today!

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