Bahtbet88 guides how to play Dragon Tiger for newbies

Dragon tiger Bahtbet88
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Dragon Tiger Bahtbet88 – How to play and the secret to winning

Game dragon tiger Bahtbet88 is a very interesting entertainment game that helps you relieve stress and fatigue after hard working days. This is a card game that requires players to understand the rules of the game as well as betting experience to win more easily.
Therefore, when coming to this subject you need to firmly grasp how to play Dragon Tiger. Below are some good experiences to help you play the Dragon Tiger card game to easily defeat your opponents from Bahtbet88. We invite you to take a look.

Learn about how to play Dragon Tiger Bahtbet88

Before going into details on how to play Dragon Tiger. Next, you need to understand basically what the Dragon Tiger game is?
Dragon Tiger is a very interesting gambling game from Cambodia. This name Dragon Tiger is translated from the original name Dragon Tiger (which means English) for Vietnamese people to use.
Learn about how to play Dragon Tiger Bahtbet88
Learn about how to play Dragon Tiger Bahtbet88
In this Dragon Tiger game, the dealer will use 2 cards drawn randomly from a deck of 52 cards. Then the dealer will bet 2 numbers (called 2 doors: Dragon & Tiger).
Players of Dragon Tiger game will have the task of guessing: Which card on the gate has the highest number of points converted according to those 2 cards.

Basic rules of Dragon Tiger game Bahtbet88

To play Dragon Tiger Bahtbet88 well, in addition to knowing how to play, you also need to understand the rules of the game, which is the first problem when playing any game, not just Dragon Tiger. Everyone should understand the following basic terms:
  • Dealer: Refers to the dealer, who will represent the bank.
  • Dragon: Dragon Gate is represented by the color red.
  • Binh Dan: Blue Tiger Gate.
  • Tie: A blue symbol means a tie.

Good tips to help you win 100% when playing Dragon Tiger Bahtbet88

If you want to play Bahtbet88 Dragon Tiger and win easily, in addition to understanding the rules and knowing the types of bets, everyone needs to have experience. In addition, you can also refer to more prediction skills and strategies on forums or websites to equip yourself firmly before starting the game.
Tips to help you win 100% when playing Dragon Tiger Bahtbet88
Tips to help you win 100% when playing Dragon Tiger Bahtbet88

Grasp your betting history

According to the schedule of previous games to find the betting lines, if the tiger wins 1 line or the dragon wins 1 line. If you are very lucky and land a long rope, the prize money will be doubled.
In addition to viewing betting history, it is also necessary to pay attention to the betting results of other outlets. Because if that bet line fails, then you have to find out which hand that bet line was on. From there, you can make a wise decision about the location of the new door.

Apply a secret betting strategy

This playing method applies to a hand with 3 or more cards. This means that from now on, drawing 3 Tiger cards, starting from the 3rd card on the Dragon side, the Tiger side will win next to the Tiger side.
For example, if you are in a situation where 2 people beat 1 person or 10 people beat 9 people, it will continue. If you’re stuck, the bridge is still there, so you need to bet on the Dragon side to be sure of winning.

Stay awake while playing Dragon Tiger Bahtbet88

Those objective factors can be temporary emotions, external temptations… This causes players to lose their temper, leading to quick defeat.
Or in another case, earning a lot but being greedy. Even though my mind is tired and my spirit is no longer alert, I still don’t want to stop.
Therefore, when betting you must have a clear head. One of the golden experiences in betting for beginners is to follow the initial strategies given.
Stay awake while playing Dragon Tiger Bahtbet88
Stay awake while playing Dragon Tiger Bahtbet88

Don’t bet on a draw

As everyone can see, the draw rate at the dragon and tiger table is an example because its odds are up to 1:8. In fact, from 10 to 20 bets, only 1 bet is a draw. So, if you are still dreaming of betting on a draw, then you have lost enough of your target long ago. So let’s say there is a bet with odds from 1 to 8 for a higher bet.

Choose a trustworthy dealer

There are many online bookmakers on the market today. However, not every house is safe. If you are not careful and use some fake bookmakers without operating licenses, the risk of being scammed is very high. Therefore, manbetx is a smart choice for you to play.


Above is the information about the Bahtbet88 Dragon Tiger card game genre as well as how to play Dragon Tiger that we provide for everyone’s reference. What are you waiting for to experience exciting and relaxing gaming moments at Bahtbet88 today?

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